Sick? Tired? Fatigued?

IV Therapy in Long Island & Queens At Home, On Demand.

Revitalizing IV Drips.

Where You Want It. When you Want It.

IV Therapy On Demand offers IV Therapy right from the comfort of home or your office. We offer many IV drips to get you feeling your best again. We’ll be at your Nassau, Suffolk or Queens County Home in no time.

IV Therapy from the Comfort of your Home or Office.

Introducing IV Therapy On Demand – the new way of rehydration. We offer an array of IV therapy services that offer near-instant relief to many of the issues that may be causing you to not feel your best. Unlike traditional treatments that are digested and then must pass through the digestive system to start working, IV therapy involves administering nutrients and vitamins directly into the bloodstream intravenously for fast and effective relief. And best of all, we come directly to your home or office, whenever and where ever to ensure a convenient, private and safe revitalizing experience.

Did you search online for “IV Therapy Near Me”? If so, you’re at the right place as our IV drip experts can be at your home or office within minutes. Doesn’t get any closer than that does it.

Our team consists of MDs, Nurse Practitioners, PAs, and RNs. All of our medical staff is highly trained, experienced and specializes in IV therapy.

Our In-home medical services include: 

IV Therapy

We offer an array of IV therapy services that offer near-instant relief to many of the issues that may be causing you to not feel your best.


Looking for COVID-19 testing? There's no safer and quicker way than with IV Therapy on Demand. Get accurate testing without having to leave home.

Aesthetic Services

IV Therapy on Demand offers many aesthetic services that can safely be done from the comfort of home including Botox Injections and fillers.

What clients say

So happy I found IV Therapy on Demand. I have a very demanding and stressful job. A nurse comes once a week to my office to give me an enery boosting IV Drip. It's exactly the pick me up I need to keep going! Thank you!

- David M.

What clients say

I was very sick with the flu. IV Therapy on Demand helped me get better quickly. They came to my home, checked me out, and determined the best mix of nutrients and vitamins for me. I started feeling better right away and within days I was back on my feet. What a great, convenient service.

- Luba T.

What clients say

After I started feeling sick, I was afraid I might have COVID. I didn't want to Urgent Care and risk spreaking infection so was happy to find this service. They came to my house and were able to test me and get me results quickly. I was positive, but with their help and advice, I was able to recover quickly.

- Victor R.

What clients say

I love IV Therapy on Demand! Not only do I use them for their IV therapy services, but for their beauty services as well! I love the way my lips look after getting fillers. And even better, I love that it can all be done from the comfort of home!

- Susan R.