Aesthetic services

Botox and Derma Filler Injections right at home.

In addition to the medical services offered, IV Therapy on Demand also offers aesthetic and beauty services from the comfort of home or your office. 


Many factors are responsible for wrinkles and sagging skin as we naturally age. In addition, our lips and skin can lose some of their “fullness” as well. Reverse the signs of aging and look years younger right from the comfort of home or office with IV Therapy on Demand.


We offer safe, quick, and confidential aesthetic treatments for many beauty issues including Botox injections and Derma Fillers to take years off your skin and look better than you have in years. If you’re interested in aesthetic services or have questions about what treatment may be best for you, contact us and one of our medical professionals will guide you through the process.

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IV Therapy On Demand offers Aesthetic services that will make you look years younger, near instantly, and right from the comfort of home or your office.

Botox Injections

3 Areas

Dysport Injections

3 Areas

Restylane injections

1ml syringe

Juvederm injections

1 ml syringe

Vampire Facial

PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) treatment 

EMSculp (1 session)

(2 area purchase)

All aesthetic services are administered by a properly trained medical professional and follow all safety protocols to ensure for a quick, safe, and effective process. Care Credit Accepted for Aesthetic Services.

Have questions about our aesthetic services? we have answers.

What is Botox?
Botox is made from Botulinum Toxin A, a refined bacterium. When injected into certain carefully selected muscles, Botox can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The injected muscles temporarily relax, giving the skin a smoother, more youthful look. Botox can be used to reduce fine wrinkles lines and creases and is a safe, effective way of giving patients a more youthful and rejuvenated look.
What should I expect during a Botox injection?

Our medical professional will use a small needle to inject Botox into the targeted facial muscles. The actual number of injections will depend on the individual and the size of the area being treated. The injected muscles are temporarily paralyzed causing the skin to relax, which helps to make the skin look smoother and more youthful. Most treatments last between four to six months.

Is Botox safe?

Botox injections, when administered by a trained medical professional, are a safe and effective alternative to more invasive procedures.

Botox is a great solution because:

  • It temporarily reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and creases especially on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes
  • It is a virtually painless procedure
  • There is no recovery or down time

Botulinum Toxin is a safe and effective treatment for patients who have excessive lines, wrinkles, or creases on the forehead and around the eyes and want a more smoother and youthful appearance.

How long is the recovery from Botox Injections?

There is virtually little to no recovery time needed following injections. Many patients can resume normal activities immediately after.

How are most dermal fillers administered?

Before injecting the dermal filler, a medical professional will numb the area with topical lidocaine. Then the filler will be injected into the targeted problem areas with a fine gauge needle. Following the injection, the product will be massaged into the injected area to ensure an even distribution and pleasing aesthetic look.

While the injection only takes a few minutes, the topical lidocaine may take up to 20 minutes to take effect. While you will see immediate results, you may require multiple treatments to achieve the desired result.

What are the benefits of dermal fillers?

Benefits of Dermafiller injections include:

  • A quick and virtually pain free procedure
  • Immediate results that may last up to two years
  • No downtime
  • All natural ingredients
How long is the recovery from dermal filler injections?

Results are immediate and there is no downtime following the procedure. Patients are able to return to their normal daily routines immediately following the treatment.

Get that youthful look back.

Safe, effective, and confidential Aesthetic services, right from the comfort of home or office.